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Maxons Rainbow Crystals Jar 3.6kg – Priced & Packaged As: 1 x 3.6kg

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Maxons Rainbow Crystals Jar 3.6kg

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Maxon’s make some of the finest sherbets and sugar crystal products in the UK.
From traditional Kali, American Cream Soda and Rainbow Crystals through to Bubblegum and sour crystals.
Using only the finest caster, granulated and powdered sugar their sherbets and crystals are full of flavour and are fantastic to eat with a dipper, your finger or sprinkled on ice cream.Fruit flavour sherbet crystals.
Made using the finest caster, granulated & powdered sugar.
Large 3.6kg weighout jar.
Pack Quantity: 1 x 3.6kg.
Ingredients: Ingredients and nutritional information are unavailable.

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